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The New Name in Ultimate Frisbee

Proudfeet Frisbee
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"All for fun and Frisbee for all!" from the people that brought you the undefeatable Four Musketeers, here comes the next big name in Ultimate Frisbee! "PROUDFEET!!!!!" Shouts a disgruntled Hobbit, and so will you when you join Proudfeet Frisbee! Dedicated to bringing Frisbee to the masses of Portland OR, or at least to a posse of friends. Find out who, when, where and why the next game will be, or why find out when you can schedule it? Then You can tell people, nay, COMMAND people to be there! Don't make me get the weasle out! So join or face a "DOM tha' Fool!" from everybody that's cool enough to join. And Remember. . . PROUDFEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cleveland hs, disgruntled hobbits, frisbee, hobbits, portland or, shouting war cries, taking out weasles, ultimate, ultimate frisbee